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Fuel Injector cleaning by post using the ASNU system Fuel Injector cleaning by post using the ASNU system
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Frequently asked Questions.
Every day we receive emails asking for information that is on the site, so to make life a little easier a few common questions with answers below. Please do not email asking these questions just to see if we exist, we do and have been ASNU servicing injectors since 1994!

What is the cost.
Top feed rail mounted injectors -- £12.50 each.
Hose type injectors -- £16.00 each.
Side feed injectors -- £18.00 each.   (Leave seals and filters in place)
GDI injectors -- £25.00 each.   (Leave seals and filters in place)
Single Point Injectors -- £25.00 each.   (Leave seals and filters in place)
Return postage and packing via First Class Post £4.95
Return postage and packing via Special Delivery £8.95

How can I pay.
You can pay using Paypal either from a Paypal account or by Credit/Debit Card via Paypal.

How quickly will they be cleaned and returned.
We normally clean the same or next day as we receive them (Monday - Friday).

Do you replace filters, seals etc.
There are dozens of different makes and styles of injectors, all with different filters, seals, and pintle caps. We cannot guarantee to stock all of them but we do keep a large range.
For standard top feed Bosch Injectors we keep most spares. With regret if seals etc are not stocked then the old ones will be left in place. The report will indicate which have been renewed.

Can you clean K Jetronic
Sorry we no longer service this type of injector.

Can you clean Piezo Injectors
Sorry we do not service this type of injector.

Do you clean diesel injectors.
No we do not service diesel injectors.

Do you do a "Test Only" service.
Sorry, not a service we offer.

How much to cleean my injectors.
To be honest unless you tell a bit more its how long is a piece of string!
Vehicle, engine, injector type etc are needed. A picture or link to a picture really helps..

How long can I store them after cleaning and before use.
We do not recommend that you have the injectors cleaned weeks/months before you are going to use them. It is possible that after a long time interval the injectors may stick closed. We will always try to help in freeing them off but this involves unnecessary delays and postal costs.

What if some of my injectors are faulty/beyond repair.
If for example some injectors are seized and do not free off or cannot pass the leak check etc you will be refunded the cost of that injector less 1.00

Can you also remove/refit my injectors.
Sorry we are not able to remove/refit.

I live local to you, can I drop them off.
This is now a strictly mail order service.

How should I send them.
We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery. This has standard compensation of £500.
Please make sure that excess petrol is removed and they are packed securely.
We only require the injectors - Please do NOT send us the fuel rail.

Where do I send them.
Injector Cleaning
2 Crofters Drive
HU16 4SD

Flow measurement  shows imbalance
Poor spray pattern give bad atomization
Cleaning the injectors in the ultrasonic bath
All injectors flow equal amounts to give balanced fuel distribution
Good spray pattern for maximum atomisation

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